First Class Service Hotel St. Francis Team

Meet our world-class Santa Fe Hotel Management Team

Our Hotel St. Francis hotel staff is committed to making sure your visit is as comfortable and as relaxing as possible. Our team members' careers in hotels represent years of exemplary service. Each member working at Heritage Hotels & Resorts' Hotel St. Francis brings unmatched expertise to our guests.

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Adrian Montoya - Regional General Manager

Ann Lanzante - Regional Sales Manager

Ann Lanzante brings to Heritage Hotels & Resorts a diverse background in travel, hospitality and real estate sales. Her sales and marketing experience, as well as her reputation for excellence and unparalleled customer service, lend themselves well to her role with Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe and Hotel St. Francis. The Santa Fe-area resident loves outdoor activities and is committed to family, friends and clients.

Chris Milligan - Bar Manager, Secreto Lounge

Chris Milligan's Chris’ 26-year-career as a food and beverage professional, including 23 years as a bartender, has led him everywhere from family to fine dining, nightclubs, adult entertainment clubs and international chains. Working in all facets of restaurant operations, Chris focuses on training, consulting and educating others about mixology and the world of hospitality. He has trained bartenders, managers and restaurant owners all over the Southwest, and has helped to create training material for some of the top restaurants in the country. In 2008, Chris began his work with fresh ingredients behind the bar and was one of the pioneers bringing that practice to New Mexico. His talent, innovation and style has earned him numerous awards and been chronicled in several major publications in New Mexico and nationally. Chris writes the popular Santa Fe Barman blog, which is syndicated by’s Drink Wire, and USBG Pulse (Bobbing for Olives), among other endeavours. Part historian and part entertainer, Chris is a bartender of the classic style and still loves working each night behind the bar serving his guests and creating new drinks as well as contemporary interpretations of vintage cocktails. 

Inger Boudouris - Chief Concierge

Inger is a member and past president of the prestigious Les Clefs d'Or ( since 1992 and is the only professional recognized world-wide concierge. Inger has been the concierge at Hotel St. Francis since 1987 and has vast knowledge of all of the great things to do, see, eat and drink in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She always knows how to help our guests create the perfect itinerary that is customized to fit their needs. 

Inger Boudouris has served as Chef Concierge at the Hotel St. Francis Hotel in Santa Fe for over 27 years. Inger was also the first Concierge in the whole State of New Mexico to become a member of the worldwide prestigious Concierge Association, Les Clefs d'Or USA in 1992 and served as its President from 2000 to 2005, and is now a full fledged Member as well as an Honorary Member. Born in Sweden, Inger came to the United States in 1956. She worked for Air France, the French National Airline, for 10 years in Sales and Marketing, which included many visits to New Mexico visiting travel agents, colleges and other tourism-related businesses. She also worked for Air New Zealand and Finnair when she lived in San Francisco.  Inger has lived in Omaha, NE, Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY. She has lived in Santa Fe, NM, since 1983. Inger speaks Spanish, Swedish, French and German.  She loves to travel and has covered the "four corners" of the Earth from China, India, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Africa, Europe, Asia Minor and South America. She enjoys visiting Families in Greece, Scandinavia, Europe, Brazil and South Africa. And, she has covered a lot of the the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and Mexico, and has visited Greenland and Iceland.

Exploring and being adventurous is "my kind of game" she says. And, she is a thorough "researcher'....and knows the back roads not just in New Mexico. As a music lover, she can tell you where to go to enjoy classical, jazz, Spanish guitar and believe it or not, she is taking jazz piano lessons. She knows the Santa Fe Restaurants like the back of her hand including their wine cellars and ambiance. She is truly an "all around Concierge" with the world at her fingertips.  Being a Les Clefs d'Or member is more than a benefit as she can always contact her fellow LCD concierges anywhere in the world. Inger says that to be a Concierge, you must be street-smart, adventurous, kind, curious about everything, if you say "I don't know is OK,  please ADD "I'll find out for you"....and you gotta to have the BEST sense of humor have to laugh with your guests!